The  below list displays some of the clients mostly students who have benefited from the credit / non-profit purchase plan. Some of the clients already finished payment, others still ongoing. These are the clients that gave consent to have their names and photos publicized. Currently the total number of beneficiaries is 32 students. The non-profit laptops sold on this program are strictly sold to students and members of faculty. Most Malawian colleges and university do not have enough Computers for all the intended users. Even some of  faculty academic members have no institutional office computers. As a  result personal faculty’s machines are also used for official duties thus falling in the beneficiaries category.

Clement Yankho Golosi
3rd Year, Social Science Student Catholic Univesity

Clement Golosi is a 3rd Year, Bachelor of Social Science student at Catholic University of Malawi. Has dell inspiron 3000 series, 4GB RAM 500 GB HDD, AMD a6 7th Gen Processor @ 2.0 GHZ. Purchased From the non-profit pricing project through a guardian.

Hillary Bright Kondowe
Staff, and also Student Mzuzu University

Hillary Kondowe is a library assistand at Mzuzu University currently also studying diploma in Library studies at the university and procured HP laptops with intel cerelon 1.9GHZ, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD on a long term payment plan

Isaac Chingancheke
1st Yr Student, Chancellor college

Isaac Chingancheke is a first year student at Chancellor College which is under university of Malawi, studying computer science and benefited from the, non-profit credit Laptop payment plan.

Naomi Munthali
2nd Yr, Library, Student Mzuzu University

Naomi Munthali is a second year, bachelors in library studies student, currently in her second year of study. She has a Lenovo ideapad 110, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, intel cerelon 1.8GHZ processor.

Shadreck Dzoole
Staff, Student Mzuzu University

Shadreck Dzoole just like Hillary Kondowe is also  library assistant member of staff and furthering studies in Library at Mzuzu University currently and procured HP laptop with intel cerelon 1.9GHZ, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD on a long credit payment plan

Macdonald Matope

Macdonald is a 1st year student studying diploma at Mwimba College of agriculture, with an HP, intel cerelon 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, from the project through a guardian.

George Mhango
Lecturer Security Studies Department

Mr George Mhango is a dedicated hard working lecturer at Mzuzu University in the security studies department and was among the first clients of this project during its initiation stage and is always a great source of feedback on machine's permanence. 

Angellah Phiri
Food Technology, Student @ LUANAR, NRC Campus

Angellah Phir is an objective bright first year student at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Studying food technology, at her young age she's already business oriented. Aims to use the knowledge to venture into agri business.  Purchased an HP, 250 G6, brand-new laptop from the project.

Madalitso Malemia
Accounts relationship officer FDH bank

Madalitso Malemia is currently a trending accounts relations officer at, First Merchant Bank. Studied bachelors in Business Administration at Polytechnic under the university of Malawi. Yet another beneficiary of the faculty and students laptops on credit project. Purchased a brand new Lenovo ideapad sometime back still in use to date.

Mapemphero Chimbe
Student at MAGU

Mapemphero is studying accounts at the Malawi Assemblies of God University. And was the first client in 2019 early January purchasing the affordable brand-new students laptops.

Ngagne Ndong
Student at DMI

Ngagne is pursuing masters in forestry as Mzuzu University forestry department. Ngagne is from Senegal and only lived in Malawi for a few months, his passionate about saving the green environment. For his studies support he needed a descent laptop and procured one from the program. He plans to return to Senegal and contribute towards the country's development after completing his studies.

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Monica Nayeja

Monica Nayeja is a second year student studying nutrition at Lilongwe University of Science and Technology.  Recently procured HP laptop to support her university studies.

Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Norah Namame

Norah is a brilliant, stylish young ICT Specialist. She is currently pursuing her  ICT Career with University of Greenwich through a local study center, National College of Information Technology. Norah wants to build a platform that will motivate girls towards ICT related innovations. She believes African women are very creative in nature and that they would do amazing things if introduced to the concept of technology for community development. She also wants to challenge men by working hard and performing well in a competitive computer engineering field.

National College of Information Technology
Grace Mazaza

Grace Mazaza is an undergraduate level 1 student at Mzuzu University under the Open and Distance Learning program. Studying Education sciences, aspiring to become a secondary school teacher for a few years then start lecturing in university while furthering research and champion the women in science campaign. In mid march 2019 Grace procured an HP i3 New laptop through the non profit program.

Mzuni student