Interactive Business Information Technology, IBIT Consultancy is a charitable Information Technology (IT) Consulting Organisation. Aiming at helping students, staff and other small entrepreneurs grow with aid of IT resources and expertise at a break even, markup price, (to meet expenses in service delivery excluding labor charge). Currently our main target beneficiaries are college/ tertiary education students through provision of brand new laptops at a cost price payable in installment.

Laptop/notebook computer machines are quite useful on college level academic work. Most students in African colleges, Malawi in particular struggle with the use of unreliable second hand (used)  laptops.  This is mainly attributed to lack of enough financial capital, which results into students procuring second/ 4th hand laptop machine. Used laptops seem relatively cheaper, but expensive in a long run due to frequent maintenance and becomes expensive overtime, adds to academic pressure as laptops may die during assignments writing, frustrates students and gives a sense of insecurity which derives focus from academic work. Read more facts on this.


To help student concentrate and easy the academic work pressure through provision of reliable brand new laptop machines.

Reduce the amount of students’ expenditure on electronics repair costs, by providing free technical support four years warranty on all new sold machines, which will cover the entire college study period.

Reduce greenhouse effect attributed to the high rate of improper disposal of dead electronics machines, as the new machines life span will be prolonged.

Set a model that will champion future decision making towards buying electronics in student. Through enabling access to brand new electronics mindset to students. Which will likely foster and motivate, the future graduates to opt for new products. Setting a benchmark of acceptable standard in decision making.

Reduce the rate of laptops theft by introducing price comparative aspect with new related pricing products. The second hand laptops market growth is fueling theft of the same.

Our Tactics

IBIT Consultancy supplys affordable brandnew laptops to students on a long term loan scheme. By finding altenative means to the key high electronics pricing contributing factors in the country, which are Shipping Costs and Value Added Tax.

This is being done through using various goodwill volunteers / tourists planning to visit Malawi to carry with then one Laptoppurchased by IBIT to the volunteer’s address prior to coming in the country (MALAWI).  With cost cutting tactics the supplied basic brand new machines are sold at relatively $100 dollars below the current market rate of the similar machines. A 4GB RAM, intel cerelon/ i3@ 1.6 to 2.4GHZ processor, 500GB Hard Drive, 15.6 inch wide HD display, windows 10 Home. Is sold between $200 to $280 Dollars. While the same exact machine’s current lowest market price from electronic vendors is around$350 to $500 (USD). Most Second hand machines with similar specs are rated from $180 to $340.